File Flick Find data and storage security is at the forefront of the application and uses a double verification for authorisation, internal application log for transfers of data as well as the internal customer watermark.

Data security

File Flick Find will hold data as required under legislation in Australia, being the following major points.

  1. All data is located in Australia (or in any other country where the application is developed)
  2. All data will be encrypted and non-stationary in storage
  3. Part of data can be share under user and time control
  4. Internal movement recorded using transfer logs within the application

File Flick Find is a ground-breaking application empowering the customer to take ownership of all Life Documents that are required throughout life, and provides a central repository where the client provides the authority to transfer the data. In the process the customer will be educated in what is an asset, liability, income, expense, gain and loss.

File Flick Find resolves this issue as it provides a platform that gives clients a central repository to store their documentation and enables them to share this with the licenced organisations that either need, or request their information.

Using the cross-platform design of the application security and end to end encryption of the platform’s providers will provide ‘peace of mind’ to clients in Life Document storage

Solution Parts



This is the entry point to the application for user certification. The information to be uploaded into this file will be important Life Documents which identify the customer as a real person.



All Life Documents created such as assets, liabilities, income, gains, expenses and losses as well as photos and, video libraries, are uploaded to the system utilising the classification system.



For movement and logging of transfers via a depository utilising unique customer watermark for payment by licensed professionals and institutions. It accumulates all information utilising a fact find.

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