File Flick Find holds patents, trademarks and various domain names for the development of the platform being a three (3) part process with seven (7) series algorithms

Registered Inventions

The present invention is incorporated into the customer relationship business process and is illustrated with a digital watermark for the exchange process of digital data. The Customer Watermark is for protecting the identity of the name or the particulars of a customer in a digital transaction using the advertising logo of an enterprise.

The intellectual property and trade marks for the application have been registered in Australia, UK, China and the US

The invention relates to a digital picture utilising the advertising logo (logo) of any business enterprise and capturing the digital picture into a Customer Watermark to create a link to conceal the original customer particulars such as names, documents, original digital documents or visual identifications.


The invention relates to a digital picture capturing data process and sharing digital data through a Customer Watermark, with a remuneration system for data access and recording/logging actions within a digital data exchange log. The purpose of the invention is to empower customer data over time and develop a remuneration relationship between a customer and licensed professionals or institutions that require prepared information access to customers’ data.

The new mechanism provides algorithms for the process of working with digital data creating unique Customer Watermarks for sharing of the digital data. The unique customer watermark is the main identification document within the system.


The Сustomer Watermark is a publicly available picture which contains a reference to the portal which can be redirected to the remuneration collection gateway before allowing licensed professionals or institutions to gain digital data access. If digital data access has been granted the digital data may be retrieved after payment. The Customer Watermark is used to identify ownership of the digital data. Digital watermarking is the process of conceal digital information in a graphical symbol and is used to verify authenticity. Digital watermarks are generated using specific algorithms


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