File Flick Find is a ground-breaking application empowering the customer to take ownership of all Life Documents for remuneration

Empowering customers to own all of their Life Documents for remuneration

Learn what an asset, liability, income, expense, gain and loss are in the process of using File Flick Find

A brief outline of the File Flick Find solution is as follows.

The system consists of three main parts:

  • Central Document Repository and assigning a data access chain
  • Secure payment system for document access
  • Customer Watermark within File Flick Find – does not identify customer

The central Life Document repository being File Flick Find which classifies all data using a three part process which is

  • My Security File (FILE)
  • My Document Bank (FLICK)
  • My Financial Fact Find (FIND)

The Find part of the process is designed to create a customer watermark during the financial fact find, and to attach the watermark to each Life Document for transfer through a storage depository with links to a secure payment platform for data remuneration.

Important Points about File Flick Find

The process of collecting and storing Life Documents is time-consuming.

Time saving for licenced professionals in a collection of your Life Documents.

Education in the classification of Life Documents.

Central repository to link to a depository for transfer of Life Documents for remuneration

Why File Flick Find solves the document storage and data remuneration problem

File Flick Find is the solution that enables licensed professionals or institutions to provide their fact find requirements to clients to allow the clients to correlate their information from a central repository to a link depository for payment. 

File Flick Find provides a platform that gives clients a central Life Document repository to store their Life Documents and enables them to share them with licensed individuals or organisations that have accepted the terms and conditions of the File Flick Find application. 

File Flick Find ‘s goal is to develop secure electronic storage of the customers’ data being all Life Documents for the empowerment of the customer to reduce data storage costs and financial services costs and educate through financial classification.

The File Flick Find method is currently under development utilising a Customer Watermark being the File Flick Find logo to attach to documents and creating a debit and credit system for data remuneration utilising a third party payment platform.

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