File Flick Find
Life Document Data Storage for Remuneration

File Flick Find is a revolutionary application empowering the customer to take ownership of all Life Documents. This application is currently under construction and looking for future stakeholders in partnership opportunities.

The term Life Document refers to all documents from birth to death, which includes contracts that create assets, liabilities, income/gains and expenses/losses, as well as video, photo or file records such as birth certificate, title deeds, insurance plans etc.

Each person accumulates a large number of documents during their life, which are extremely important in some situations. This makes it necessary to securely store documents and to be able to validate them. During customer research, File Flick Find studies found that the most time wasted by clients and advisors is in sourcing relevant Life Documents for various events in life or at the end of life that require financial, legal, and personal documentation.

File Flick Find Data Storage Solutions
Information Data Security & Processes

File Flick Find Solutions

Provides a Central Document Repository and a Photo/Video Library where the client provides a fact find with supporting Life Documents. The coding/classification of Life Documents is unique to File Flick Find based on a patented Roman numeral algorithm of seven (7) in three (3) parts being File Flick Find


Solution Parts



This is the entry point to the application for user certification. The information to be uploaded into this file will be important Life Documents which identify the customer as a real person.



All Life Documents created such as assets, liabilities, income, gains, expenses and losses as well as photos and, video libraries, are uploaded to the system utilising the classification system.



For movement and logging of transfers via a depository utilising unique customer watermark for payment by licensed professionals and institutions. It accumulates all information utilising a fact find.


Customer Watermark

This is an example of a Customer Watermark that is generated utilising the advertising logo of File Flick Find. It is a type of marker covertly embedded in image data. It is used to identify ownership of the data (Life Documents). Digital watermarking is the process of concealing digital information in a graphical symbol and is used to verify the authenticity and  contains the unique identity of its owner, as well as being linked to the remuneration platform to accept remuneration before secure access of the data, being your Life Documents for remuneration.

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